What Is A Research Paper And How To Write It?

  • February 26, 2020
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  • David Fritts

During the educational days of the students, they have to write multiple assignments on multiple topics that are hectic for them. Among all the assignments and presentations, research paper writing is considered one of the toughest most tasks if not the toughest of the lot. We are receiving a question on a daily basis “does a research paper is that much challenging to write?” Well, the answer is, it depends on the knowledge you have regarding a research paper and is greatly depends on your abilities as well. If you have been given a task by your university or college professor to write your research paper, this guide will help you write your research paper on your own. Stay focused while reading this guide, and we’ll make sure to answer all of your questions.

How can we define the term “Research paper?”

A research paper is a scientific piece of writing that is often given to a student during college or university days. One of the most basic purposes of writing a research paper is to cover an entire topic efficiently. While writing your research paper, you need to define one specific issue and provide all possible but new ways to solve that issue. If we want a particular definition, we can say that it’s a critical working on a certain topic and the researcher has to work out of the box to get the results. Listed below are some of the characteristics that distinguish research papers from ordinary academic tasks.

  • Research papers are more extensive in nature as compare to some of the other academic tasks.
  • While writing a research paper, the researcher needs extensive investigation, unlike some other academic tasks.
  • A research paper not only deals with conducting experiments but providing with the analysis of obtained results.
  • Insights of a research paper must be based on your own thoughts, as well as experiments.
  • The purpose of writing a research paper is to find some new solutions to tackle a certain problem.
  • A research paper must be supported by some solid and sound pieces of evidence.
  • The findings of a research paper must be sound enough to conduct further research and study on a particular topic.
  • In order to define a research paper, the researcher is supposed to do the entire work of a research paper independently. When you are working independently, you need to present your own view on your topic, which is under investigation. This can be considered as a major undertaking for any researcher.

What is the difference between a research paper and a research proposal?

Students often mix research papers with research proposals, but there is a hell of a difference between these two. If you can read the name of both of these terms properly, you will get to know that a research proposal is a rationale for conducting research, and it needs to be approved by the instructor or supervisor. A research proposal does not only explain the need or purpose of a future project, but it provides some new pieces of information. There is a particular structure that needs to be followed while writing a research proposal. In a research proposal, you need to explain the methodology. Unlike a research paper, a research proposal must have an extensive literature review. A literature review will present the originality of a research proposal in terms of the suggested topic.

What Is A Research Paper And How To Write It?
What Is A Research Paper And How To Write It?

What is the structure of a research paper?

If you are given some instructions from your professor to write a research paper in a particular style, you need to follow those instructions. In order to get to know about the general structure of a research paper, you can have a look at the following structure, so you can plan your research paper accordingly.


In the introduction section of your research proposal, you need to provide a bit of the background of your topic. It is legitimate to provide the background of your topic to grab the interest of your readers. Make sure to explain why you have chosen this topic and why you are working on this project. The main idea of writing your research paper is to let your reader know how you are going to approach this research paper. After reading your introduction, your reader will be able to know the roadmap of your research paper. An introduction must present a clear vision of your topic that must move from a broader perspective to a narrow one. 


A body of a research paper is the longest part of a research paper, and it must be written with the utmost care. The theme which you have developed at the start of your research paper must be presented in the best possible way. Each paragraph of your body is considered as a research paper in miniature. Here in the body of your research paper, you need not only to state the issue only, but you need to come up with specific and scientific outcomes. The evidence you have gathered during your literature search has to be in the body of your research paper. 

Make one thing very clear

the shreds of evidence you are providing in your body section must back your point. Otherwise, all of your evidence will be no more than a waste of time. When you are writing the body for your research paper, you can present your own interpretation which you have gathered. Make sure to present your interpretation in a concluding sentence and make that sentence as engaging as possible. If you manage to write a sound body, the rest of your research paper will become easy for you to write. 


If you want your reader to read your entire research paper without losing interest, you need to come up with a very prolific summary of your research paper. When you are writing a conclusion for your research paper, make sure not to skip a single important point that can enhance the credibility of your conclusion. It is absolutely fine to state the drawbacks of your research because nothing in this world is perfect. So, writing about the drawbacks in the conclusion of a research paper is considered healthy. 

If you are looking to write a research paper, this is the structure you need to follow (in general). Whatever the type of your research paper is, these are the sections that are obligatory to add in a research paper if you want to make your research paper a success story.

What are the main types of research papers?

If you really want to write an impeccable research paper for yourself, you need to understand the task at first. You must be able to gather in-depth knowledge related to your topic along with the objectives. Research papers are of many kinds, and each kind is widely used in academic writing. You can be assigned any type of research paper to write on the basis of your discipline and institution. It is very crucial to study and get to know about the types of research papers. Some of the essential most kinds of the research paper are given below:

  • Compare and contrast

When you are supposed to write a compare and contrast type of research paper, you need to describe the same issue from two different perspectives. You not only need to compare it, but you need to contrast it at the same type to tick all the boxes of this sort of research paper. 

  • Cause and effect

This is a type of research paper most of the students are asked to write. While writing a cause and effect research paper, students need to make a logical chain of causes and effects. If a cause is producing an effect, it is compulsory to write in this form of the research paper. 

  • Analytical

When you are writing an analytical research paper, make sure to demonstrate your finest qualities. You need to come up with various opinions on the same issue, and it is not a child’s play. In order to make it happen smoothly, you need to do a deep analysis of your topic to come up with different opinions. 

  • Persuasive or Argumentative

While dealing with this type of research paper, you need to take a side of a topic. Either you can go in favor of a topic or against a specific topic. Make sure to provide multiple sides of a topic by explaining it thoroughly and then chose a side for you after explaining all the aspects of a topic. 

  • Report

When you are asked to write a report, you need to outline previously held or conducted studies. This sort of writing is considered to be a bit easier than other types of research paper writing. 

  • Experimental

In this type of research paper, students are asked to conduct experiments, and they are asked to come up with the results of their experiments. In order to make an experimental research paper successful, results need to be significant. Non-significant results don’t any sort of appreciation from the readers as well as from the professor. 

  • Overview

When you are doing an overview, you need to conduct a scholarly study. You are supposed to focus on a certain topic so you could be able to follow the tips to write a research summary. 

  • Survey

Most college students are asked to do this type of research. While surveying, they have to analyze the findings and develop conclusions on the basis of those findings. To conduct a survey, students are given a survey form, and they choose participants who are suitable for their surveys. 

  • Communication research paper

This type of research paper is all about producing and coming up with reasonable arguments. If you manage to present logical arguments, your communication research paper will be considered as successful. 

  • Problem-solution

When you are dealing with this sort of research paper, fist you need to presents the problem, and then you are supposed to come up with the best possible solution to sort that issue out. Critical thinking is required in this type of research paper.

What are the main types of research papers?
What Is A Research Paper And How To Write It?

All these types of research papers are an extensive version, which is why the students are supposed to write a research paper of a minimum of five pages. Most of the students think that the instructor wants them to write these papers in a lengthy fashion, which is a gigantic misconception. Stick to the point and only place the pieces of information and shreds of evidence to support your data. Over-writing doesn’t guarantee success in terms of research paper writing.

Tips for writing an astonishing research paper

In any form of academic writing, analytical skills, and logical reasoning are required to get success. If you are looking for tips specifically for research paper writing, fortunately, we have something for you here:

  • In order to write your research paper, make sure to plan it, and set a deadline for you before initiating your work.
  • Divide your research paper into small portions, and in this way, you will be able to cover all the portions and chapters perfectly. That’s how you will be able to meet your deadline as well.
  • Make your thesis statement and let that thesis statement read by your supervisor or teacher. Consider your supervisor, a partner and discuss everything in detail.
  • Before starting to write your research paper, makes sure to understand your audience. Consider your audience general that doesn’t know a lot about your topic. After a successful analysis of your audience, go for a writing structure that will be easily understandable to the general audience as well.
  • Not to skip anything, make sure to take notes while you are conducting research. It is your decision whether you want to take notes in your copy or in your system.
  • It is mandatory to cite all the sources because citing sources is a compulsion of writing a research paper. Your research paper may get rejected because of improper citation of the sources.
  • Proper citation, along with accurate page numbers, has to be there in your research paper to let the readers know that your research is authentic and reliable. It will save your time as well otherwise; you have to look for the sources again and again.
  • Never forget to make an outline for your research paper. Making an outline can keep your research paper on track, and with the help of an outline, you will be able to plan your research paper systematically.
  • Each of the sections of research must be allocated with certain words. Students write a lot about the background of their topic, which leads to poor quality. Once you have written a lot in your background section, you won’t be able to write much in your analysis, and this will affect your final grade.
  • If you are working on your own, make sure to let your instructor read your research paper before submitting your final version. An experienced individual can give you his/her valuable feedback that can make you look for your mistakes and errors.
  • Proofreading is as important as writing your research paper. This is the reason you must not take this step for granted. You need to spend a fair bit of time in this section to remove all the possible mistakes.

This is the guide which is going to help you beyond your expectation as far as research paper writing is concerned. Most probably, this guide will answer all of your questions. If you are still finding it difficult to write, you can contact us and let us write your research paper.

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