What Is A Synthesis Essay And What Are Its Basic Requirements?

  • January 04, 2020
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  • Adriana Patrick

It is considered a challenging task for a writer because it not only requires excellent analytical skills but also necessitates the usage of multiple sources to support the topic or theme of the essay. In this particular type, a writer finds a topic to write on and then presents his/her viewpoints, which are then backed up by various causes. If you have been given an assignment similar to this one, you will need to work on your investigating skills because without them; it will be a very difficult job to support the topic.

This process of gathering facts to relate to one single argument is called synthesizing. To understand how it works and what you need to do to write one, we have arranged all the information that can help in crafting a perfect synthesis essay. The primary motive of this particular type of essay is to help readers learn about the relation between the topic and the sources that are backing it up.

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In this essay, we are not going to summarize the definitions as we do in other essay types. Here we will describe the link between the theme and bases without caring about the word count. We are going to elaborate on the kith and kin between the sources and topic briefly and share any knowledge that can help the reader in understanding the bond between them. There are several types of a synthesis essay, and we will try to elaborate on the purpose of all kinds.

Formatting a Synthesis Essay

It is not a distinct part; it takes time and patience to gather information if you want to know about synthesis essay.” First, you will need to understand the theme of your essay. Second, you will have to create an outline, because it can get quite tricky down the road. So, to support your thoughts or ideas, you will need to find sources that have a direct connection or indirect connection with the topic.

After which comes the opening assertion, and a thesis statement, this part is similar to other essay types, and you will be sharing your first thought about the theme. You can always rearrange the words in this section as you progress with the essay because there can be times when the sources describe the idea better. Once you have made CD a claim, and have clarified to the reader what the theme is going to contain, you are ready to move to the next step.

Formatting a Synthesis Essay
Synthesis essay

The next move will be conducting research! After you have carefully picked what is a synthesis essay, you have to collect valid sources, you will share information about or support the unsettled thesis statement; you will begin writing a rough draft. It is not necessary to just include the sources that have a direct connection with the argument; you can also talk about causes that can tangentially help with your claim.

For example, caffeine boosts the mood of a person! We all know that, but if we treat it as your claim, then you can use various sources to support the topic. You can share what others think about it and how they are discussing it, and you can add a link to those sources. It can be any person, thing, place, or illustration that can backup your topic.

Why is Synthesis Essay Important?

When a student searches, “What is a Synthesis Essay?” You find lots of data and as there are several types of synthesis essays, it is essential to learn about each one of them because without knowing the kind you won't be able to write an essay you don't know anything about. However, there are more similarities than differences, which is why it won't take you long to get a hold of all the details.

As you know, what the meaning of synthesis is, you can use this particular method for any research project. Sometimes in universities, the instructors assign a background synthesis for an argumentative essay; it enables a student to learn more about the project by linking the topic with different sources. In this way, a learner can find the best way to describe their argument in the thesis statement.

However, the background synthesis helps in researching, but it doesn't help create opening or thesis statements. Students can learn a lot with this method and create sentences that can convince any reader to go through the entire paper.

As you know, there are essays that do not require extensive research and can be completed in a matter of hours. But if you are assigned a theme that is going to ask for extraordinary research skills, then the best technique you can utilize is background synthesis.

Structure of Synthesis Essay

When you are assigned to write a synthesis essay, and if your instructor didn't allocate a topic, it merely means you have an opportunity to impress your professor by selecting and writing on a synthesis essay topic that you know best. There are some essential points that help you out about how to write a synthesis essay:

  • An Introduction that explains your arguments clearly.
  • The thesis statement that informs the reader of what you are going to discuss.
  • Utilize the best structure you can think of to put the essay in black and white.
  • Use transitions phrases to connect the arguments in the paragraphs.
  • Add what the link between the sources and your arguments is.
  • Include a concluding section at the end to leave a never-ending impression.

It begins with an appealing introduction! This is the section that will persuade the reader's thoughts and make them go through the complete article. Therefore, it is essential to keep your writing revolve around the topic and inform what you will be covering in the body section of the synthesis essay.

Structure of Synthesis Essay
Synthesis essay

When you are about to write the body section of the paper, it is imperative to include a different source in each paragraph that connects to the theme of the essay. This is especially so when you are about to write a complex paper!

All the evidence that you have accumulated should be a part of this section in an amalgamated manner. You can include details about more than one source in a paragraph, only if it connects well with other causes.

Completing the body paragraphs means you have completed seventy percent of the job. The concluding section will cover the rest thirty percent because it is going to put the piece together and restate the thesis statement in a summarized manner. The synthesis essay conclusion is supposed to connect all the sources with the arguments in a minimum number of words. You can also share your viewpoints in regards to the topic, and connect them to the causes.

How to Contain Synthesis Essay Structure?

When you come to know “what is a synthesis essay and concerning its structure, you will need to work on a rough draft, after which you are going to incorporate all the steps into the real paper. As you will have successfully aligned all ideas and information, it will become easy to structure your final essay in the same manner.

If you are not already aware, an essay structure is based on three critical sections. If the introduction part, body, and the conclusion segment are not appropriately arranged, it can give a muddling impression to the reader. Besides, you will have to face several problems in bringing your gathered data together. Without a doubt, working an outline can take some extra time, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't write one.

  • Introduction

Starting with the hook as an opening statement can sound quite exciting. If the complexity level of your essay is high, then it might take some extra effort to work on your first paragraph, as it needs to persuade the thoughts of the reader. If you fail to write a convincing synthesis essay introduction, then you know the next action of the reader very well.

After the statement, comes the sentences that are directly linked to the body of the essay. Here you are going to share precisely what you will be talking about in the paper because this is where the reader will get to know if you are going to answer the questions he/she is looking for. The last sentence is your thesis statement, which is directly linked to your main argument. So, make sure to relate and organize data in the correct manner.

  • The Body Section

According to the academic standards, a short essay is usually based on five paragraphs, where one is for the intro, the next three become the part of the body section, and the last one is used for concluding the essay. As each division serves a distinct purpose, you will need to arrange the information so that it answers all the questions you shared with the reader in the intro segment.

Each paragraph in this area can contain more than one argument with pieces of evidence to prove its authenticity. If you aren't able to, you will lose the purpose of incorporating the case in this area. Moreover, if the readers do not get to read answers to the questions you shared in the introduction, they will quit reading the document immediately.

  • The Conclusion

This is where you leave an everlasting impression on the reader. Here you will arrange all the information in a summarized manner, and restate your thesis statement, to let the reader know how it is connected to the arguments. You can share citations and references after you have completed this section. These explained points are good enough about what is a synthesis essay and its structure.

How to Structurize Synthesis Essay?

We all know that if an essay is well researched and structured, it will surely get a good score. If you haven't assembled all the information in the proper way, then it will lose credibility. So, bear in mind that you will need to sacrifice sleep and other responsibilities in order to write an essay that can impress your instructor. Without any in-depth analysis of the collected information, you will not be able to share viewpoints because you won't have several causes to support the arguments.

The outline we have shared is of a standard synthesis essay, and if you have a more complex assignment, then there are several other points that will be included, depending on the formatting style you select. You will have to add more content in every section to cover all the aspects entirely, and with proof to back them up.

How to Structurize Synthesis Essay
Synthesis essay

Also, if you have been provided with specific instructions for completing this essay, then carefully compose the final version of your article, keeping all the directives in mind regarding a synthesis essay. For example, you'll need to:

  • Familiarize Yourself

Learning new information not only adds more to knowledge but also allows students to enhance their writing skills. So, if you really want to become an expert writer, then you will need to equip yourself with the right set of tools. If you are writing to improve your grades, you will need to learn as much as you can about the assigned topic.

Once you have conducted a thorough investigation, and have crystal clear thoughts about the topic, you can begin creating a rough draft. You will notice a drastic change between this piece of writing and the projects you have covered in the past. However, selecting a topic, you are familiar with will not require such a large amount of effort.

  • Proper Foundations

Readers do not want your opinion unless it is supported by a good source. So, you will need to aim for credible sources, meaning the ones that are reviewed, and are added on the .gov or .edu domains. If you use social networks to incorporate the information in the paper, then no one will accept it, and your essay will go down the trench.

Make sure the sites you are using are reviewed and updated by scholars or reputed institutions. Therefore, it is essential to stick to journals, books, or websites that are not in any way using the information of a social network.

  • References

In the end, it is not an essential segment unless you are writing a paper that necessitates the addition of citations. Don't forget; your essay will be thoroughly checked, so don't even think about adding the wrong information in this segment. Adding incorrect references is definitely going to get you a negative score.

This is why; make sure you have asked your professor about how you are going to arrange the paper. Your instructor will let you know if the article needs references and bibliographies or not. Always look for what the instruction section of the document has for you because, without it, you won't be able to write according to the requirements.

When you are done with the paper, you will have to proofread it. Now, the majority of the students find this part difficult because they do not trust their skills and use tools online. It is not something to feel embarrassed about because even the expert writers make mistakes in grammar. These errors will always become a part of the paper unless you use software to eliminate them.

If you think you cannot deal with the situation, then it is time to get professional help, especially if you have a busy schedule. We can complete your assignments before the deadline, with several benefits. If you have any doubts, visit the service pages of our site and look for the one you need. Go through the content, and you will find out that we can quickly resolve your query “what is a synthesis essay?” efficiently by integrating all the points shared in the instruction section.

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