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Case Solution

EHarmony's CEO needs to determine how to respond to replications of its business design, an infringement by rivaling models and availability of free of cost substitutes. The case gives four choices to answer these intimidations and encourages students to finalize one option following a thorough review and assessment of the company's tactics and strategy, the evaluation starts with the comprehension of value proposals, stemming from the unsuccessful efforts of substitutes. It goes on to look into the industry framework and significant distinctions across its various niches. Students can then assess the core grounds of a persistent differentiation plan and comprehend the significance of expensive tactical compromises. They can also approximate the extent of the competitive edge that eHarmony held over two other rival players before expressing the looming risks to sustainability. All of these will facilitate the students in finalizing any one of the four choices available.

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Questions Covered

Is online dating an attractive business to be in? How big is the (potential) market for online dating? What advantages and disadvantages does online dating offer in comparison to other ways to meet potential dates and romantic partners?

Do a “six forces” analysis of eHarmony.

What differentiates eHarmony from other online dating sites? What are eHarmony’s competitive advantages and why?

Is eHarmony’s competitive advantage sustainable? How serious is the competitive threat? Which competitors are the most serious threat and why?

It is the end of 2011 and four years after the case was written. As eHarmony looks to the future, what opportunities will drive the next phase of growth? How will trends like social media (e.g., Face book usage) and mobile (e.g., Smartphone adoption) impact eHarmony?

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