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The privacy policy of CaseSol.com can be checked below. The entire content written in the privacy policy except for the major aspects might change with the passage of time. It is advised to inspect the elements on this page for any changes regularly, the current users will be notified about the modifications, but for new users and visitors, it is imperative to go through the entire content of the page for correcting mistaken beliefs.

All the completed projects delivered to you are free from similarities and written in an inimitable manner. All the composed content by our writers is for the purpose of educating students, and you are not permitted to treat that text as your property.

Please note that here at www.casesol.com, we take your privacy extremely seriously and are committed to keeping our customers' information safe.

The Data you provide to us will be handled in the following manner:

• Processed Rightfully

All your personal data and information that you enter in our site will be kept confidential in our database.

• Obtained for specified and lawful purposes.

The conversation between you and the writer, the chat with the support and anything related to you will never be shared with third-party websites. We care about your grade and reputation; therefore, all your data is kept safe

• Accurate & up to Date:

The information you enter in our website related to your course must be correct, and all the instructions must be specified in an accurate manner. The data you enter is accessed when you place an order to learn about your assignment and to get you connected with the writer we assign. If you choose to share your data with your writer in direct chat or other users, it is up to you, and we will not be responsible for any consequences!

• Not kept any longer when erased.

The data is kept in record and can be erased upon your request (if you deactivate your account). In this manner, your eligibility for rewards will come to an end as well.

• To Notify:

Your e-mail address will be utilized to connect you with the support agent and is also put to use when we have to deliver the final product.

Private Information

We ask you to fill in some forms before processing an order. You may choose any name for us to address you with. We would encourage you to provide your phone number in case we need to contact you and a correct e-mail where we will send your completed order. The finished request will also be available for download on the website and you can login in order to do that. All these details are necessary to contact you in case a researcher assigned to your project has any additional questions. All the information you provide to us are confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties under any conditions unless you choose to share that with other people connected to our site.


All of our employees, including academic researchers and writers, managers and experts, have signed an agreement that prohibits any disclosure of our clients' personal data. CaseSol Team is dedicated to improving on-site security and is working hard to ensure that whatever data we posses is stored safely.

Billing Information

We have an online security program that keeps running to keep your data safe and sound. All your transactions details are encrypted and different security protocols protect personal information. If you are using any public computer, make sure to log-out of the system properly, or anyone can misuse your data. You are charged according to the following procedure:

  • • We charge according to what you require, and the considered amount is visible in the order section.
  • • Depending on your location there can be a slight variation in the charges you upload, means if there were any extra charges it will be due to your country’s tax policy according to the total value of the order.
  • • We do not have any hidden charges or add extra fees as tax subtraction, the generated bill after your order contains the same number of figures that was computed during your order placement procedure.
  • • You will have to upload the required amount in order to place an order, and the completed order will be available for download from the website and the link that is sent to your e-mail address as well.

CaseSol Refund Policy

We provide solutions prepared by experienced professionals and are free from all sorts of errors. The company is responsible for delivering the completed projected according to the estimated date mentioned in the order section. As it is an estimated date, our writers can take a few extra hours to deliver your work which depends entirely on the complexity and length of the paper. Directives mentioned in the order section by the client are strictly and precisely followed, thus leaving no room for misleading content. It is essential to provide us with information that is relevant to the task. The whole order can be discarded in case you provide falsified data!

We do not promise or assure you that you will get a better grade, it is essential to keep this in mind the paper must only be used for educational causes and must not be treated as your piece of work. These papers can only be utilized for gaining information about the topic or, to get enough references! All the final versions of documents are checked for errors by our quality checking team, but in case the text you provide contains faults then it will not be checked or re-written by our writer or QA team. It is crucial to provide us with information that is error-free and contains authentic material.

The client can claim for a full refund or a partial amount depending on the severity of the fault found in the submitted paper.

Custom Writing Problems

We are sure about the quality we provide because the experts of the relevant field prepare it. Still, however, if you find errors that cannot be fixed such as the paper contains plagiarism or the writer failed to follow the complete instructions mentioned in the order you will get a refund of up to fifty percent. After you submit the file for review, it will go to quality checking team, and if the errors you mentioned do exist in the record, the refund course of action starts.

It is essential to submit a refund report within three days after the delivery. The fourth day all your requests will be discarded, and you will not be eligible for getting any reimbursement. Also, if you find plagiarism in the report, it is necessary to upload the statement generated by Turnitin plagiarism checker. All other declarations will be rejected, and you will not qualify for any refund.

Failure to Meet Deadline

When you place an order the deadline you give us is an estimated time length, the order rarely gets delayed and claiming for a refund due to this reason will not be considered! This can happen either because of the workload or because you didn’t give us enough time or the paper is of considerable length. The complete refund can be claimed in case we weren’t able to deliver you the order!

Readymade Solutions

Readymade papers can be downloaded from our site after uploading the mentioned amount. You will receive the link to download the file in your E-mail. You can also log in to your account on our website and download the file from there; the below section is for both custom and readymade cases. In case the download links are not working and the file you were trying to download failed due to technical server errors you will be eligible for a complete reimbursement. That includes:

• Failed to download from the E-mail

If the download didn’t initiate and the support team fails to resolve your issue, you will qualify for a complete refund.

• Failed to download the file from the Portal/Website

If the second option to download is not working, which is from the website/portal, you can contact our support agents and tell them about the problem in detail. It is necessary to contact the support team in three days after the download link is generated and sent to you. If due to any reason you couldn’t check the file you will not be able to make a claim for refunds.


We only provide non-plagiarized research that has been done for you. We run a plagiarism check on all our assignments.

  • 1. Nevertheless, if our client detects plagiarized parts, a full refund can be requested.
  • 2. In cases when a significant portion of the research was plagiarized (over 10%), and reliable proof of plagiarism is provided, 100% refund will be issued.

Order cancellation

We usually assign your order to an academic expert within half an hour after the final placement of the order. Therefore, a full amount cannot be refunded.

  • 1. If the client cancels the request before the assignment was assigned to an expert, 80% of the initial price is refunded (20% is the transaction cost).
  • 2. In case the order is cancelled after the expert has been contacted, the amount refunded will not exceed 60% and may be lower depending on the progress already made.

Failure to perform the research

This has not happened yet, as our team is capable of dealing with almost any academic task. Still, in case such a situation occurs, we guarantee a 100% refund, plus provide a discount for your future orders.