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By visiting our website you agree to meet the terms and conditions mentioned below and the websites privacy policy. All the terms and conditions can be found on this page of the website and are implemented to all current, new users, visitors or anyone who utilizes the link of our website for a referral or any other purpose. In case you don’t want to stay in the sphere of terms and privacy policy of this site, then you are not allowed to; utilize or have the right to use the URL by any means.

The terms utilized in this section (“Client”, “You”, and “Your”), from top to bottom of the page are entirely for the ones who have access to this website and have agreed to follow the term & conditions, and other policies mentioned in the privacy policy area of website.


Putting the services of the website to use, you guarantee that all the data provided in the sign-up & and order placing page is entirely about you and contains the correct information. You will not modify the added information and keeps its exactness in place. The Eligibility Criterion is mentioned below:

• Age Requirement

You must be at least (18) of age or older to place an order on website moreover you have got to be lawfully qualified to get locked in legal affairs

• Correct information

The data you enter, related to you on the website must be accurate. You must not add information that is irrelevant to the subject because it might bring complications. Also, your profile may be obliterated & the utilities offered by may be eradicated without notifying the owner of the account, (Especially if you are younger than the mentioned age requirement)

• Account Usage website offers services for your informative, personal, non-trade purposes only and must not be utilized for business motives. You are also required not to be prohibited by any law firm from using the services of our website. Moreover, you cannot create multiple accounts, and if we find out about it by any means, then you will have to face the penalties depending on the severity of the circumstance. If your account was deactivated from our side, then you may not create another one unless you have written permission from our representatives to create a new ID.

Order Placement

This procedure involves a few steps, and you need to be sure the data you are providing in this segment of the website is precise and contains true information. If in case you don’t want us to use a specific section of the provided data you can contact our support for this cause, but if you want to add more to the provided data, then it may result in additional costs. You have to be prepared for the following possibilities:

  • • You will be held liable for not being truthful while creating your account and it may result in the removal of your account.
  • • If the information you are providing is not relevant and the orders that do not contain proper directives, they can get delayed or denied, and you will be the one accountable for such complications.
  • • If in case the delivered paper does not follow your directives or contains information that is not relevant to the one you provided or contains errors and plagiarism you will be eligible to get a full refund, the rest of the information can be found in the refund policy section of the site.
  • • If you want us to change the information you added when you placed an order, then it will be treated as a new order, so make sure to add all the information in the order placement page.

To register for an account to be a part of website, you must add truthful information about yourself, which will not be displayed to other users of the site or be made public. If you have provided any false information in the account, you agree to correct all the misleading data about your location and identity.


If you do not upload the calculated amount visible in the order placement page, the client will not be able to use the facilities of the website at all. Read the points below carefully and act wisely:

  • • The calculated price in "place an order" section of the website does not contain any hidden charges or taxes/duties required by taxing authorities. You will be the one liable for paying any duties that might be connected to the amount mentioned on our website. Also, you will be put to an agreement in which you will be paying the required taxes on the amount specified in the order section.
  • • If you try to pompously without any specific legal boundary (contact the bank you have an account in or Credit Card Company) to decline or otherwise turn down to pay the fee associated with your order; this act will be treated as an infringement of your pledge under this contract. In such cases, you are pushed out of all the services that you were putting to use.
  • • If you are trying to upload payment from a stolen credit card, then it is a serious crime. and its payment suppliers cooperate with each other in such cases to prevent these types of online scams. In case you are found guilty, we will get in touch with the concerned state authorities immediately. holds the rights to modify the charges of its facilities anytime, and these major changes will be published online, and the current users will be notified about such happenings right away through E-mail. All the prices mentioned in the announcement will be put into action right away without any prior warning for all the new or current users.

If you make a request for chargeback then you are giving all the rights on your paper, back to, you will only be eligible for such cases under specific circumstances mentioned in the refund policy. All your rights to the document will revert to CaseSol against your will, and you will allow CaseSol to make that paper public & put the authorship act in motion. It will enable CaseSol to learn if any segment of the completed paper was put to use by your side. That delivered paper will be given all the copyrights & any other intellectual rights. Such an action does not mean you will encounter any penalties, fines or extra costs.

Loyalty Program

This particular program allows new and existing users to earn cashback on every order. Moreover, all the new users get a 5$ sign-up bonus. All the cash backs that are earned, a twenty-five percent of that amount can be put to use on your next order, and the rest of the sum will become a part of your account for later use.

The money you earn from this program is not refundable and can be utilized only once on each order you make. If you don’t wish to use that earned balance, it is up to you as it will always remain a part of your account. You can at any time put this amount to use as there is no validity period for this currency.


You can avail up to three revisions in the course of thirty days after the delivery of your work. If you require any changes in the final version of the paper, it must contain one of the following two errors:

  • • If the document submitted contains plagiarism.
  • • If your instructions were not correctly followed or the material, you added in the order section wasn’t put to use.

In case you want us to add additional information in the paper, then it will be treated as a new order, and you will have to upload the amount that will be calculated in the order section. Also, if you are requesting for a revision after the time period, it will be taken as a new order. The time of thirty days begin right after the work is delivered, and when the timer stops, it means that you do not require any further assistance and are satisfied with what we have provided. The revisions do not take much time and can be delivered in the course of a few hours or days, depending on the workload.


We might require you to provide us with proof of your identity, in which we might ask you to upload files that can confirm your recognition. We also can take legal actions to learn more about you, which includes taking help from licensed establishments. When you visit the site, you enter the circle of terms & conditions and allow us to gather information about you through any means we might find necessary. Either we can directly ask you to enter valid information or can take the assistance of the third party record to confirm the details you added.

Prominently, the procedure of verification involves contacting the cardholder to confirm the order, usually which is managed by making an authentication phone call. If in case we don’t get enough valid information, we might ask you to upload files that can prove your identity. We know the vitality your order holds, and in case you want the paper to be delivered as soon as possible, we will take care of the confirmation process real quick. It is essential to enter a working contact number so that we can stay in touch because sometimes writers can require additional information. If the verification process fails or you abort the course of action to prove your identity the order will get cancelled right away or after short time depending on which stage of authentication you are.

You must agree to the process that is discussed above, which includes verifying your personal information and confirmation of your order if you desire to receive our writing services. Moreover, we can put that data to use for communication purposes when required. After reading the validation process, you agree to get bound by the privacy policy of CaseSol as well!

Limitations of liability will not be held responsible in regards to the utilization of the content provided by the website. If you were unsuccessful in learning the material involved in the delivered paper or the effect on your final grade, or displaying the article as it is to any organization, would not be accountable for the outcomes of such circumstances. The content we provide you with must only be used for learning purposes and not for supplying as it is to any institute. It is essential to go through the whole document before taking such an irrational decision.


The final versions of papers that delivers will always remain our intellectual property and is a part of our copyrights section and also other laws that are declared by international laws standards.

These papers are produced for personal use only which includes learning the content supplied in the article and not to be put to use for commercial motives. The delivered documents must not be sold in the market, or imitated, submitted as your work, licensed, shared or passed on without our written endorsement.


We post testimonials on our site which are written by the users of These reviews may include the first name of the user, and you give us permission to post your personal data that is limited to your initials and feedback by using the services on our site. We assure you that there will be no adverse effect on your anonymity; however, you can make the request to erase the testimonial as well by contacting our support team any time.

Notification of Changes In Terms & Conditions has the power to bring a change in any section of the Terms and Conditions page whenever we require. If you are a current user of our site, you will be notified of the updates made in this segment through E-mail, so make sure to always keep your notifications enabled to stay informed. All the information about changes in the sections of this page will be published, so it is imperative to go through the entire document after the updates as well.